About Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is currently the product manager for Abila MIP Fund Accounting™. He has a background in nonprofit financial management, with degrees in finance and accounting and more than 10 years of nonprofit accounting experience. Before joining Abila, Dan got his start in nonprofit accounting as the assistant CFO of a large organization, handling financial reporting for publically and privately funded multi-family housing development projects. From there he moved to a construction and management company, working as the financial manager for 16 publically- and privately-funded public housing developments across the Gulf Coast region. Before moving to software development, Dan was the Director of Finance for a local social services organization. Dan volunteers with various local nonprofits and has been a financial consultant for small local nonprofits. Most recently, he’s been teaching the financial management class at Austin Community College as part of the Certificate for Nonprofit Leadership and Management curriculum and is the board treasurer of a local nonprofit in Austin, Texas.

Onward and Upward to Next Year’s Audit!


Last week, my colleague Laura Reifschlager uncovered great insight into how to obtain a top-notch audit. With the right people, processes, and reporting in place, a smooth and seamless audit is attainable. But, what should you consider top priority after the audit?

There are a few easy ways to ensure that, number one: you maintain compliance and …

It’s Graduation Time: How to Attract and Retain All That New Talent


Hiring and retaining the right people can make an organization incredibly successful. Zach Ferres, CEO of Coplex (a fascinating design and interactive agency, btw) wrote a great piece for Entrepreneur magazine about the importance of the Human Element in the work environment. I couldn’t agree more. As cliché as it may sound, people really are …

How to Get the Most Out of Leap Day!


Ever feel like there aren’t enough days in the week to do everything that needs doing?

If our recent study’s findings are any indication, nonprofit finance professionals certainly feel this pain! Respondents report they’re actively involved in decision making across the entire organization, are challenged by frequent interruptions, and are having to do more with leaner …

Is Your Nonprofit On-the-Grow?


Our Abila experts have researched and crafted Key Nonprofit Accounting Predictions for 2016 to help you gain a clear understanding of the challenges facing your sector in the coming year, and how you can turn them into real advantages for your organization.

Below is a deep dive into Nonprofit Accounting Prediction #1: A Focus on Growth …

No Calm After the Giving Storm for Nonprofit Accountants


If you’re a nonprofit fundraiser, your end-of-year whirlwind is almost over. Phew!

However, if you’re a nonprofit finance professional, your season-of-giving commitments are colliding with tax and audit prep obligations for the perfect storm.

You’re not only processing all the end-of-year donations that are (hopefully) rolling into your nonprofit, you’re also processing your last payroll of the …

Forum Looks At Controversial Donor-Advised Funds From All Angles


The moderator of The Giving Institute’s Gurin Forum 2015 – “The Future of Donor-Advised Funds,” called donor-advised funds, or DAFs, one of the most interesting issues in philanthropy, today.

Most interesting. And, possibly, most challenging and controversial.

The esteemed panel of seven professionals each presented a different perspective, from researcher to donor to national and community DAF …

AUDC 2016 Offers Learning Track Exclusively Designed For Fund Accounting Professionals


At our upcoming Abila User and Developer Conference in March, we’re going to put the FUN in FUNd accounting!

Okay, so that may be getting a little carried away, but we do have a terrific lineup of sessions exclusively developed for MIP Fund Accounting™ and MIP Advance™ customers, whether you’re a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced user.

The …

How to Survive the Choppy Waters of Year-End


I still have memories of my days as a nonprofit CFO, feeling like I was drowning in the details every Q4; the details of budget prep and approval, year-end reporting, and pre-audit planning – all while managing the flood of donations coming in during giving season.

It seemed like everyone else was reveling in the holidays, …

Nonprofit Budgeting: It’s a Different Animal


There’s a fundamental difference between budgeting at a for-profit organization and budgeting at a nonprofit.

For-profit budgets are driven by profitability – a business’s definition of success is hitting (or beating) revenue targets.

In the nonprofit world, accountants must first project expenses. How much money will it take to provide these mission services or conduct these mission …

Nonprofit Board Composition: Who, What, and When


“Populating the board with people with the right fit” is a top challenge for nonprofits, according to more than half of the leaders who responded to The Nonprofit Pulse: A Leadership Study from accounting firm Marks Paneth.

So, what is “the right fit?”

That depends on the needs of your organization. And, as nonprofit leaders know all …