About Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is currently the product manager for Abila MIP Fund Accounting™. He has a background in nonprofit financial management, with degrees in finance and accounting and more than 10 years of nonprofit accounting experience. Before joining Abila, Dan got his start in nonprofit accounting as the assistant CFO of a large organization, handling financial reporting for publically and privately funded multi-family housing development projects. From there he moved to a construction and management company, working as the financial manager for 16 publically- and privately-funded public housing developments across the Gulf Coast region. Before moving to software development, Dan was the Director of Finance for a local social services organization. Dan volunteers with various local nonprofits and has been a financial consultant for small local nonprofits. Most recently, he’s been teaching the financial management class at Austin Community College as part of the Certificate for Nonprofit Leadership and Management curriculum and is the board treasurer of a local nonprofit in Austin, Texas.

Spring Cleaning in Preparation for Your Nonprofit Audit


Martha Stewart, queen of all things domestic, homemade, and orderly, professes, “There are few rites of spring more satisfying than the annual clean.”

Well folks, it’s officially spring, and time for that annual clean Martha claims is so satisfying. And, that means you, nonprofit financial professionals. But we’re not talking hauling unwanted items from your bedroom …

2017 Prediction: More Nonprofits Will Cluster


Like many best practices from the for-profit world, clustering is one that would greatly benefit those in the nonprofit sector. Think, North Carolina’s Research Triangle, one of the earliest examples. Created in 1959, the region now boasts 11 world-leading, technology-based clusters, offering a critical mass of companies, leading-edge research from some of the world’s top …

Will Funding Be an Issue for Nonprofits in 2017?


Every year, our Abila experts put together a list of predictions for nonprofit finance and accounting. One of the big trends we’re keeping an eye on this year is funding instability. We believe it has the potential to be a formidable issue for those of you working at nonprofit organizations, and may affect the way …

Technology Efficiency, Funding Instability Top Key Nonprofit Finance Trends in 2017


It can be hard to get back into the swing of things at the beginning of the year, so we’re here to shed some light on key trends we see having the biggest impact on nonprofit finance in 2017.

In the video below, we provide a sneak peek at five trends:

We also provide a deeper look, …

What is Government Fund Accounting?


Government entities – whether local, state, or federal – are diverse and complex, with countless legal and fiscal constraints around how they carry out their various and diverse operations. Consequently, government fund accounting can be a bit of a beast.

And, government accounting professionals are held to specific requirements (read: laws) to be completely transparent about …

Year-End Survival Guide for Nonprofit Finance Professionals


Anyone like me who’s worked in nonprofit finance knows what the end-of-year crush is like. At the same time, you’re preparing next year’s budget and reconciling the books for this year – all while still keeping pace with the flow of year-end donations.

And, no sooner does the calendar flip over than you have to start …

Wading Through Financial Complexities – 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study Q&A


It’s been a few weeks since the release of the 2016 Nonprofit Finance Study, and the buzz around the findings continues! In fact, it was alive and well during our live webinar last week in which my colleague Jenna Overbeck and I covered the study, its findings, and recommendations on how to overcome nonprofit finance complexities …

Budget Planning To-Dos for Nonprofit Finance Professionals


September is International Square Dancing Month, Better Breakfast Month, Fall Hat Month, and National Blueberry Popsicle Month.

On a more serious note, in the nonprofit sector, September also signals the start of budget planning for the upcoming fiscal year.

And, because a nonprofit’s sustainability can only be achieved with a well-prepared and continually monitored budget, our subject …

‘Twas the Night Before Budget Approval


‘Twas the night before budget approval, and all through the board meeting
So much was left to be done, and the glances were fleeting
Income and expenses had been analyzed with care,
In hopes that the board found strategy there

The Development Department was already ahead
With visions of donor dollars dancing in their heads
The CFO …

How Technology Integrations Relate to What You Learned in Kindergarten


“Share everything.” It’s the first idiom in Robert Fulghum’s famous book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” (My personal fave is, “Warm cookies and milk are good for you.” However, it doesn’t really apply to the topic at hand.)   

And, though Fulghum probably wasn’t thinking about technology integration when he crafted …