About Daniel Fierro

As a Technical Writer at Abila, I help translate software code and design into a documentation tool used for completing value added tasks needed to track nonprofit, association, and government business activities. While I love the technical aspects of my job, I also enjoy writing poetry and screenplays. I have a BA in English from the University of Rhode Island and an MS in Communications from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. In my travels across the U.S., I have worked as a newspaper columnist and reporter, software configuration manager, short order cook, dishwasher, and carnival barker. I recently left the ice and snow of New England, for the sun and fun of Florida, where I now work out of Abila's Maitland office.

Cloudy with a Chance of Technology


Cloud computing delivers information technology services through the internet directly to the user, on demand, where the user can then store his or her information in the cloud instead of on a local device.

Of course, your information isn’t really sitting on a mass of water vapor floating about between the ground and the vacuum of …

How Online Payments Get Processed


You have successfully navigated your way through an e-commerce website, filled your cart with goodies, and now it’s time to enter your payment particulars, such as:

Name as it appears on your account or card
Account or card number
Expiration date
Card Verification Code (CVC)

After all the required information is entered, you click a button …

Responsive Web Design for Play … and Work


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design technique that strives to optimize the user’s viewing and interaction experience. The idea is to make reading and navigation easier by minimizing the need to resize elements on the screen and reducing the need to scroll. Optimally, a single source of web code can be reused across …

These Are a Few of My Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a whole bunch of objects, interconnected by the internet, that are able to exchange data through application programming interfaces (APIs). An estimated 25 billion IoT objects will be connected and exchanging data by the year 2020, according to my colleague Amanda Myers’ related blog post last week. That’s a …

How to “Quantify Quality” in Usability Testing


At last month’s Abila User and Developer Conference (AUDC 2016), the Abila Usability Team conducted usability studies covering six products in 10 different product areas.

We hosted 86 test subjects from 55 different organizations who worked in multiple focus groups to offer up 199 product recommendations to enhance our products.

That’s the story “by the numbers,” but the …

Usability Studies: Designing Software for Daily Use


Ever wonder how software ends up working like it does (or doesn’t), and what the software developers were thinking about when they created it? Are you not satisfied with your software’s operation and want to do something about it? You might be interested in learning about and participating in usability studies.

Start With the End Goal …

Considerations for Deciding to Upgrade Computer Hardware and Software


Are antiquated systems bogging down your processes and preventing your employees from being productive? While upgrading to the newest and fastest computer technology would be ideal, this isn’t always a budget priority for nonprofits and associations.

General Maintenance

A quick fix to consider before spending any money is to perform some basic computer maintenance to see if …

Simple Strategies for Preparing Your Database for the New Year


What good is your data if you can’t find what you’re looking for due to the mounds of information you have to sift through? Or worse, you find the information you need, but it’s out-of-date or simply incorrect.

These are both examples of a basic database concept, “Garbage In – Garbage Out,” caused by misleading, inaccurate, …

Save Time by Choosing the Right Support Tool


You’re already pressed for time and your software is not performing as expected. Or, maybe you’re trying a new process that involves using a software feature unfamiliar to you. Maybe you’ve entered an entire spreadsheet worth of data into your accounting software only to discover that none of it was saved. And, you just don’t …

Querying and Reporting: Finding and Delivering What Matters


Key Performance Indicators, more commonly known as KPIs, measure organizations, projects, and individuals. These measurements are juxtaposed against goals and objectives and opportunities.

The challenge for software developers is to translate which KPIs are important and how to represent them on a business intelligence (BI) software dashboard in a way that’s relevant to an intended audience, …