About Daniel Fierro

As a Technical Writer at Abila, I help translate software code and design into a documentation tool used for completing value added tasks needed to track nonprofit, association, and government business activities. While I love the technical aspects of my job, I also enjoy writing poetry and screenplays. I have a BA in English from the University of Rhode Island and an MS in Communications from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. In my travels across the U.S., I have worked as a newspaper columnist and reporter, software configuration manager, short order cook, dishwasher, and carnival barker. I recently left the ice and snow of New England, for the sun and fun of Florida, where I now work out of Abila's Maitland office.

Meet Your Constituents Where They Are: On Social Media!


Your nonprofit or association has mastered the process of engaging your constituency using a message board, and now you’re ready to take a dive into the social media messaging pool.

Your budget hasn’t changed, and the board is wary as ever of approving additional expenditures, so you’re looking for the most cost-effective means to get your …

Mobile First by Design


Want to better engage your younger association members to build a stronger member base going into the future? Consider letting go of the “antiquated” concept of the desktop – or even laptop – computer and embrace the notion of mobility in the workplace. Like it or not, the sheer number of mobile users continues to …

The Discovery Process and Customers


With the holiday shopping season fast approaching and the shift towards cyber-shopping as opposed to mobbing the mall, the likelihood of running into a window asking you to take an online survey to share your internet experience is almost certain. A quick way to gain your customers’ perspective on how your software is operating is …

Justifying a Tech Budget to Your Association or Nonprofit Board


Advances in technology do not stand still for associations or non-profits no matter how tight their budget. Even the simplest of computing advancements can require that some hardware or software be upgraded from year-to-year. But failing to keep up with the techno-curve and allowing your organization to steadily fall behind can leave your organization in …

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Nonprofits and Associations


There is a legendary tale about Abraham Lincoln that tells of him saving a burlap bag full of unwanted piglets that had been tossed into a river to die. Upon diving into the river and saving the porcine payload, onlookers remarked what an upstanding and moral person he was. To which Mr. Lincoln responded, “Am …

The Challenges of Combining Computer Network Security Systems


A computer network is secured by using a combination of policies and best practices designed to thwart the evil intentions of those who would steal your valuable information. Those entitled to access your information would generally have unique credentials allowing them to pass through the computer network security and use the computer’s programs required to …

Determining the Best Way to Merge Computer Networks


Constant change in the business landscape dictates a need to merge disparate business networks into a single functioning computerized system. Cost and personal preferences aside, there’s a methodology that can be used to more efficiently combine separate computer networks.

Think of system integration as the process of combining different systems, and sub-systems, into a single functioning …

Are Nonprofits and Associations Susceptible to Cyberattacks?


You’ve clicked the link to your favorite website – maybe it’s one you rely on daily to get your work accomplished, or maybe it’s even your nonprofit’s or association’s site. You wait for the initial screen to display on your monitor or mobile device. Your attention is pulled away momentarily (multitasking?) and then you return …

Managing the Message Board


A message board is an internet-based website people use to discuss topics, or threads, of common interest. These topics can be categorized so users can more easily search and find topics relevant to their area of interest. Depending on how the message board is set up, users may have to register and become part of …

Six Ways to Collect Member Feedback


Want to know what your members, donors, or other constituents think about you? Ask!

Collecting and acting upon constituent feedback is important for associations and nonprofits, because it can provide insight into improving members’ and donors’ experiences, thus increasing satisfaction, engagement, and retention. And, besides being a great way to measure satisfaction, collecting feedback can also help you …