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Social CRM – Crossing the Chasm in the Not-For-Profit Market


Have you heard about the Technology Adoption Curve Chasm? If you haven’t, check out Geoffrey A. Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm, where he discusses the challenges of getting past the adoption of new technology by the innovators and early adopters, and succeeding with the early majority. It’s a challenge that Social Media has gone through, …

Keeping The CRM in Social CRM


Further to my previous planned relevance posts, today I’m addressing the value of taking an holistic approach to social Constituent Relationship Management (CRM). Often I notice that organizations focus on one or the other (either the “social” or the “CRM”) and divide responsibilities among departments accordingly. For example, Membership and Support may be responsible for …

Planned Relevance – Complex Simplicity


Part two of two

Read part one

Plan for Growth: Start small by focusing on your strategic goals, core competencies and the resources you want to leverage. Develop a roll-out strategy that builds on functionality that supports your goals. I like to think about the following:

Align the community with one or two strategic goals. While your strategic …

Planned Relevance – Complex Simplicity


Part One of Two

For anyone who presents at conferences and events, this is an experience you may have had. In February of this year I was presenting at Avectra’s AUDC2012 conference on tips and techniques that can facilitate the growth of a community. My PowerPoint deck was set, I had my three objectives, a great …

How Does a Trade Association Engage Its Member’s Members?


In a previous post I talked about the importance of developing a Code of Conduct for your community; the purpose of which should be to establish what your community’s participants can do, and to set the benchmark for your community’s identify.

That helps define how your community members can get engaged. Now, I want to explore …

Facebook IPO May be a Blessing in Disguise for Social CRMs


Heidi Cohen’s Practical Marketing Advice blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs and her recent post about the Facebook IPO got me thinking – is Facebook’s IPO a good thing or a bad thing for nonprofits and associations?

As I work with associations interested in joining the social market many have asked questions like:

Why would this …

Investing in the Future – Social Currency


My name is Carlos Restrepo, and I spend a great deal of time thinking about nonprofits and their use of technology, with a special focus on association management software (AMS) and social communities. I work with nonprofits that are looking to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of their AMS or Social CRM. In my …