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A Future of Data


I recently posted a tweet –
“Waiting on my cloud-based intelligence to provide actionable data feeds to my built-in HUD… #2030Tech, #WhyNot, #DreamIt”
As I envision a future of technology and see what we already have available to us, I imagine a world where our future generations will have personalized business intelligence working in the background to …

Outsourcing IT Functions Helps AACSB Be More Strategic


For many nonprofits and associations, managing the information technology function entirely in-house can be both financially and practically taxing. Outsourcing IT services can be the answer, according to the experts at ASAE. In fact, says the author of, “Managing IT: The Case for Outsourcing,” information technology services provide a particularly robust opportunity for organizations to …

Is Your Association Risk Averse?


You’ve read them. I’ve read them. The editorials, blogs, and articles that claim the association sector, in general, is slow to change. Stymied by limited budgets. Hindered by a history of inertia.

I, for one, want to see associations succeed and prove the naysayers wrong. Associations can be relevant in a high-paced digital age and they …

Analyzing Data to Identify Super Members


It’s no secret I like to draw inspiration from great philosophers. I’ve quoted Socrates in the past to illustrate the value of turning data into knowledge. For today’s association, that’s a given: There are so many systems, each rich in information, that are poised to help us make smarter decisions, improve our operations, and ultimately …

‘Tis The Season … To Plan For Your Annual Meeting


Are you all tangled up in annual meeting planning, about now?

Though event registration is but one light on a seemingly endless strand of to-dos, it’s a biggie.

Because, we all know, the more members you register, the more bang you get for your buck, sweat, and tears. Not to mention the fact your annual meeting is …

A Salute to Veterans and Those Who Support Them


America truly is “Home of the Free,” thanks to the brave. And, on this Veterans Day, I speak for all here at Abila when I say, thank you, military veterans, for your service to our country!

As we honor those who’ve served in the U.S. Armed Forces today, we thought it would be meaningful to shine …

Are You Using Your Association Management System To Its Fullest Potential?


Here’s a question for our association readership: How many of your C-level executives are regular users of your association management system (AMS)?

I’m guessing not many.

Because, traditionally it’s those on the frontlines who use the AMS as a tool for day-to-day tactical operations, such as managing membership renewals, overseeing event registrations, and administering other transactional activities.

While …

3 Lessons Socrates Can Teach Us About Data Management


Socratic teaching is based on hypothesis elimination, around the thought that every belief should be challenged and that critical thinking drives our nature to understand. Socrates himself has been credited with many famous quotes – I recently tweeted one that is the impetus for this blog …

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, …

Turn Renewal Temptations into Valid Tactics


High membership retention rates. Early renewals. The lure of these possible coups is so great you might be tempted to consider “creative” ways to boost them. As enticing as this may be, however, you should avoid arbitrarily manipulating your various business models without conducting thorough research to determine if your actions will truly benefit your …