About Cheryl Black

As Marketing Campaign Manager, my job is to share best practices, new ideas, and research with fundraisers. I LOVE fundraising and nonprofits – my passion was sparked in college when I took a nonprofit communications course in pursuit of my bachelor degrees in American History and Mass Communication. I’ve been involved in the sector ever since; professionally, with the Girl Scouts of Central Texas and personally, as a volunteer with the Girl Scouts, Young Nonprofit Professional Network of Austin, and even the Cancer Council in Australia. I’m particularly geeky about Girl Power, influenced by my philanthropic experiences as a TriDelta and my time at Girl Scouts. On the home front, I have a firefighter hubby, young son, and very spoiled puppy.

Upselling at Its Finest


Let’s say you’re buying dog food on Amazon. About two seconds after you add the dog food to your virtual cart, Amazon suggests you buy dog treats, a dog bowl, and a new leash. At this point you’re thinking, hmm, now that you mention it, Amazon, Fido does love those delicious little treats and his …

3 Tips to Improve Planned Giving Program Success


Hello, again, from the AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference in D.C.! Today I’m in a session that better suits my natural inclinations: fundraising. (See yesterday’s post about my maiden voyage into accounting.)

Earlier this spring Abila released our Donor Engagement Study, and one of our key findings was that not tailoring donor communications by age/generation was a …

Nonprofit Fund Accounting for Newbies


A marketing and fundraising geek at an accounting conference? Talk about a fish out of water. My novice is showing, I am sure.

So, you can imagine my gratitude when I saw the AICPA Not-for-Profit pre-conference session titled, “Not-for-Profit Accounting for Newbies.” Sold!

The session was a perfect start to my first accounting conference. In no particular …