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Start EOY Fundraising From Scratch


Last week my colleague Rich Dietz and I hosted a webinar titled, “EOY Kick-Start.” (The recording is available here.) The gist of our message was – get started now on end-of-year fundraising!

I know the temperature is still above 80 degrees in most places. Heck, here in Austin we’ll be in shorts and flip flops for …

5 Things You DON’T Need to Know About Your Donors


Do you remember cramming for tests in college and thinking your brain must be at max capacity? Knowing something had to go out before anything new could go in?

The feeling of information overload is one to which we can all relate. And, the same goes for our donor databases. Sure, they’re software, not human brains, …

12 Donor Must-Knows!


Today, nonprofit supporters have more opportunities to connect, learn, and give through more channels than ever before. This attention-fragmented world makes it extremely difficult to reach donors, and when you are able to engage them, they expect a whole lot more from you.

First and foremost, they want assurance that you know who they are. And, …

Break Free From the Mold: Get Personalized Tips from the Fundraising Advisor!


Tired of cookie-cutter fundraising recommendations? Because they don’t take your specific fundraising practices into account, they simply can’t help you raise more dough (sorry, couldn’t resist).

You don’t lack originality. Your ideas aren’t mass-produced. And, your fundraising strategies are anything but simple and uniform! So, we’ve created the Fundraising Advisor to give you strategies, tactics, and …