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7 Deadly Sins of Private Online Communities


The more private communities we launch, the more we learn about how to make them successful, and how to make them fail. There are as many don’ts as there are do’s. Here are a few don’ts that rise to the top for us:

Don’t have a strategy: This is the big daddy. Some communities launch with …

My 10th ASAE Annual


Unlike the other Ben, Dallas wasn’t my first ASAE Annual Meeting: It was my tenth! In fact, it was my tenth straight, dating back to 2003!

Having attended the Annual Meeting for all these years, both as an association executive and now as a vendor, one of the highlights is reconnecting with old friends.This year I …

What Should We Name Our Private Online Community?


The name of your association’s private online community may not seem that important in the grand scheme of your community strategy, but it can send a subtle but strong signal about your community and can really affect your community’s engagement. Regardless, it’s definitely something you’ll need to grapple with as you’re preparing to go live. …

Should our association have an “open” or “closed” community?


The decision to have a more open or closed community should be driven by your community strategy, which should flow out of your organization’s overall strategy. From classes I’ve taken and my reading and experience, most associations are best served by a community focused on members first (e.g. more oriented towards a closed community). Remember that …

Social CRM Roundtable Discussion with the Tallahassee Society of Association Executives


Last week I had the privilege of facilitating a roundtable discussion on Social CRM for the Tallahassee Society of Association Executives. Adrienne Bryant of the Association of Florida Colleges, the roundtable coordinator, was kind enough to type up and share her notes. With her permission, I’m sharing an abridged version with you!

I kicked the conversation off by asking, “How do you define Social CRM?” Attendee answers were of course varied. All of their answers combined however, gave us a great picture of what Social CRM means. “It’s all about connecting the dots between the people who may or may not be members of your organization on the social web.”

Long post. More after the break:

Involving Volunteers in Association Social Media Efforts


In a previous life, as VP for Marketing & Communications for the Virginia Association of REALTORS®, I leveraged volunteers within my association’s membership to create a small army of social media moderators. The volunteers were all hand-picked members of my Communications Committee. Their role was to approve or decline new group join requests (we only …

How Do You Staff Association Community Management Duties?


Maggie McGary points to a soon-to-be-released study concluding that among associations with 20,000 or more members, 31% have an online community. Which leads her to ask: Why are there so few online community managers in the association profession?

Quoth Maggie:

…as far as I know, there are still very, very few community managers in the association world…I’m …

SOCAP Achieves Social Media ROI with SMMS


You know that uncomfortable feeling when you know people are talking about you but you can’t quite hear what they’re saying?

You should be feeling that way every day if you work in an organization that isn’t actively monitoring and engaging in the social media conversation about it.

People have always talked about your organization. It used …