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A Backpacking Primer – Five Technology Basics for Fundraising


The primer below is meant as a guide for techies and non-techies alike and lists technology basics with strategic objectives. Remember that hiking into the Canyonlands is not a trip for beginners. This list builds our basic understanding and competencies and will grow in complexity and challenge as our organization evolves.

 Technology should be …

Crossing the Canyonlands with Technology


Last week I spent three nights sleeping under the stars in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. This trip was rigorous and changed my life paradigm. The same can be said about technology’s potential in the nonprofit sector. It requires thoughtful planning before use, but can be the differentiator. Please allow me to elaborate.

The Canyonlands of Utah are …

Take It Back To The Relationship With Your Major Donors


Major donors play a key role in every campaign, regardless of scope or multi-channel dimensions. Even with new digital tools to reach more donors, we still need key friends to sustain and build momentum in our fundraising. And, even if we’ve diversified our nonprofit’s revenue streams, this group continues to have tremendous impact on development …

Going Mainstream with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Good news! Social networks have gone mainstream. Most nonprofits have at least one or two social media accounts, with Facebook being the most popular at the moment. Social media means access, and the opportunity to reach the 95 percent of supporters who wish to remain anonymous and who were previously unreachable. And, social media has …

Assorted Ingredients for Your Multi-Channel Campaign Part 2


This is the part two of two of “Assorted Ingredients for your Multi-channel Campaign”. In the last post we discussed ways to organize components when planning a campaign. This week we will explore some of the various technology ingredients available.

Part Two: Flavors and Features

As with the variety of apples in the fall, an …

Assorted Ingredients For Your Multi-channel Campaign


This is the second of four blogs during October 2012 about cultivating “Multi-Channel Outreach” in development campaigns. Last week we explored the Ten Dial Dashboard as a framework for organizing your next multi-channel campaign. This week we begin a two-part discussion about the variety of tech tools at your disposal.

Part One: Write Your Own Recipe

A Ten Dial Dashboard for Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaigns


This is the first of four blog posts about cultivating Multi-Channel Outreach in development campaigns. We will explore strategies to create, measure and increase constituent impact for delivering on your fundraising goals. To begin, let’s establish a framework for your success.

I remember when life was simpler. I only had three dials to turn; one each …