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Who Is Your Lifetime Donor? Why Do They Stay?


The Holy Grail of fundraising is the accumulation of Lifetime donors. With consistent resources from a reliable donor group, programs can be funded and missions advanced! Lifetime donors are engaged in the cause year after year, over a long period of time, witnessing mission advancement. In addition to a consistent annual donation, lifetime donors often …

Revisiting Why People Give To Your Cause


Year after year I support some of the same nonprofits. Perhaps it’s because I have a need to “give back” to an organization whose mission has impacted family, friends and me. Yes, I’m the loyal type and apparently many others are too!

According to the Money For Good report published in May, 2010: “Almost 80 percent …

The Fundraising Pyramid and the Donor-life Cycle


Find Your Supporters Wherever They Are!

The fundraising pyramid is a traditional starting point for defining the donor acquisition process. There are multiple versions of this pyramid (I found at least fifty images on Google). Below are a few variations which illustrate the same “bottom up” fundraising approach: Prospects and Supporters followed by First Time donors, …

Become A Knowledge Monger


When faced with a problem, finding a solution often requires new knowledge or information. In this way, problems serve as a catalyst for discovery. Take technology for example. Organizations either possess the ability to exploit it or risk becoming obsolete. Either way, technological know-how must be acquired. But how do you know if you have …

The Wealth Within – Uncovering Your Technology Needs


The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist was one of my favorite “reads” in 2012. Although not a new book, her message bears repeating: As individuals we have the inner resources to solve problems. The same is true of how nonprofits can uncover innovation and leverage technology. Look inside your own organization and you will …

Social Media’s 2012 Face – The Ongoing Revolution


The latest statistics on the growth of social media are noteworthy:

Facebook now has over one Billion users.
543 Million of them access Facebook using mobile devices.
As of June, 2012, Twitter has 500 million followers.
Linked-In has over 100 million members in more than 200 countries.
People watch over 2 billion videos a day on YouTube.

 The nonprofit sector has …

Learning to Love the Cloud


Since I write on behalf of Avectra, the first company to launch a Cloud-based Social CRM application for associations and nonprofits, it’s important that we discuss the significance of the “Cloud”. Did you know that 90 percent of respondents to the recent TechSoup 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey use Cloud computing? That statistic demands our …

For Nonprofits It’s Goodbye to Gloom, Hello to the “New Normal”


When I started researching my book, Fundraising Innovators in 2011, most of the commentary about the nonprofit sector was negative. Offering a drumbeat of gloom and doom, industry observers emphasized a chronic scarcity of resources, technology in disarray, and too few Major Donors to meet the demand of too many nonprofits.

Yet, the interviews conducted for …

Don’t Wait to Integrate!


It’s hard to imagine living without my very smart, integrated iPhone. Every day I interact with business and personal contacts over my phone. Thankfully I can concurrently manage these relationships and a host of other tasks such as calling my son’s school, facilitating a Kiva loan, finding directions on Google Maps, coordinating volunteer work, downloading …

Technology As Enabler, Not Master


How has technology impacted the growth of your organization? When asked that question, Mark Bergel, Executive Director of A Wider Circle, an innovative nonprofit answered:

 “We had to first see through the ‘technology of technology ‘and ask ourselves, what will help us connect faster to our donors and volunteers? “ 

As a grassroots organization, A Wider …