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Champion Your Champions


We all know that there are a number of tools out there to raise funds – whether it’s to recruit volunteers, raise funds for a special gala, a walk-a-thon, or a capital campaign. Avectra recently launched IdeaStarter™ to offer organizations and fundraisers a free peer-to-peer option to raise time, money and resources for their cause, …

Trust The Peer-to-Peer Network


If you haven’t jumped on board with a Peer-to-Peer fundraising program, it’s never too late since this platform capitalizes on a core reason many people make donations: trust.   The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trust as first: “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed.”

At the …

After The Big Three, What Else Creates Donor Loyalty?


Mastering the basics is always a good strategy for improving results. For retaining donors, the three most recognized prerequisites are:

Thoughtful and timely recognition;
Clear and compelling definition of how donations will be spent;
A compelling impact story about how gifts make a difference and advance mission.

These are the Big Three, the big “Kahuna” to reel in on …

“Put to Good Use” Defining How Donations Are Spent


Retention involves three basic steps: recognition, communication and stewardship. In my first blog, “Recognition Leads to Retention” I focused on delivering a meaningful, personal and timely “thank you”, through online and offline channels and using your board members to augment its significance. Last week, we discussed “The One Idea” for communicating impact: what key metric …

The One Idea


One of my biggest challenges as a writer is to condense material into one crystal clear message – ONE BIG IDEA – my reader can take away! Of course, I want my presentation and delivery to be engaging and fun too, but conciseness and clarity matter more.

Similarly nonprofits need to present compelling results to their …

Recognition Leads to Retention


Donors will repeat a gift if they are thanked well, understand how the organization applies their donation and feel that their gift made a difference. And a nonprofit that delivers recognition will have higher retention rates. In this blog post we will focus on how to demonstrate appreciation. In my subsequent posts (parts two and …

The Heart of Prospecting


“Always listen to your heart because it tells you the truth.” This aphorism reminds me how I aspire to live my life. It also should resonate with how best to find new donors. Really, I mean it. This isn’t just “hippy-dippy” stuff!

Just as you care for special relationships, when searching for prospects it’s best to …

Dig Deeper!


Just because someone has money doesn’t mean that they will give it! This insight comes early in “Lesson One: The importance of Prospect Research” in Fundraising for the Long Haul by Kim Klein. Readers of this book will recognize Klein’s message in my frequent suggestions to identify and cultivate donors using key metrics such as …

Measuring Lifetime Donor Value, Part two of two: Scoring Engagement


Lifetime Donor Value (LDV) helps nonprofit organizations assess both monetary and engagement levels of a donor over a long period of time. A good place to start with measuring lifetime value, as defined in Part One of “Measuring Lifetime Donor Value” is by evaluating integrated marketing campaigns. Another way to augment the understanding of a …

Measuring Lifetime Donor Value, part one of two: Multi-Channel Marketing


Lifetime Donor Value (LDV) assesses the long term monetary and engagement impact of a donor over time.

The functional calculation is:

Average Annual donation/attrition rate = Lifetime expected donations (LDV)

The lower the attrition rate, the higher the lifetime donor value. In other words, if you retain your donors over time, you’ll capture higher lifetime value.

Another way …