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Find the Jewels in 2014


Dear Reader, stay resolute and strong as we head into the New Year. Why? We have the capacity within us to achieve whatever our heart and mind desire. Yes, we really should be confident about what’s possible in 2014!

To internalize “what’s possible” means we deeply understand what we bring to the world. Each of us …

“Can Do” Corporate Philanthropy


“Capitalism, if applied creatively, holds the potential to transform the complex socio-economic and environmental challenges facing the world today.”

-Ryan Scott, founder of Causecast

I would agree with Ryan Scott that any given business plan has the potential for positive social impact. Too often such possibilities remain overlooked, but when aligned with business objectives, the …

Sustainable Corporate Philanthropy Begins with the End


Imagine for a moment that the building blocks of your corporate outreach program are already in place. This includes a compelling message about your nonprofit, consistent with the profit mandate of your ideal corporate partner, and a CRM platform to keep track of all the individuals involved.

Now what? What framework will help you advance the …

Revenue and Resilience


“If only we had enough money.” This common refrain can often be heard in the hallways of many nonprofits. While some people dream about a vacation or winning the lottery, I find myself dreaming about the day nonprofits will no longer need to say, “we can’t fund that”. ”That” refers to any number of …

Preaching to the Choir: Remember the “Why” of a CRM


My guess is that most of you reading this blog already value your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system. And, hopefully you’re either using Avectra’s Social CRM or considering it.

I’m passionate about the capabilities and benefits of Avectra’s Social CRM solution for nonprofits and associations. If I managed a nonprofit, it would be my top choice. …

To Blog Or Not To Blog?


That was the speech topic I presented in 2008. Blogging was an enigma then. It was seen as an open-ended stream of consciousness for the non–techie, an opportunity for everyone to share and share-a-like, a “free-for- all” for those that have never had a voice!

Webster’s definition of a “blog” was “a diary – a …

Using Social Media to Tell Your Story


Social Media continues to expand nonprofit outreach in dramatic ways. Consider that “47percent of Americans learn about causes through social media and online channels” 1 An impressive percentage given that most social media platforms are barely ten years old!

How have nonprofits gained this foothold in a saturated media market? The answer involves an …

Keeping Your Website Relevant


“Your website will be seen by more people more often

than any other marketing piece you will ever do COMBINED.”

– Branded Out Loud

For better or worse, your website acts as the initial and recurring interface with potential supporters. Your organization depends on an engaging website to connect with donors and make a first impression …

Serve Your Donors


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

― C.G. Jung

To serve your donors means providing an exceptional experience for individuals involved with your nonprofit. Although it’s important to develop institutional revenue sources, individual donors represent the backbone for most nonprofit funding. In 2012, individuals donated $217.79 billion – an astounding sum.

In …

Get Going With Social Media For Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Social media is no longer a “new and shiny” tool. Rather, organizations are setting goals and creating strategy for its use. The following statistics from the 2012 Nonprofit Social Benchmark Report are noteworthy and demonstrate continued growth in social media channels:

· 98 Percent of respondents have a presence on Facebook;

· The average respondent’s Facebook & …