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Learn Today, Employed Tomorrow: Knowledge is Power


From career-hungry Millennials to well-established Gen Xers and Boomers, one commonality remains true across all generations – the recognition that knowledge is a uniquely powerful tool to have in a professional’s arsenal. And if nurtured and nourished properly, that very tool can be the difference between landing a new job or keeping a job as …

How to Keep Your Online Learning Promos From Getting Lost in the Cluttersphere


On a daily basis I probably receive at least five webinar promotional emails from varying vendors in the association or marketing industry. Subject lines like, “Last Chance to Register” or, “The Greatest Webinar of All Time” pop up in my email notification window, begging me to open them, read more, and register.

And, as you’ve probably …

Make Your Learners Love You This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with all of this love in the air, we figured what better time to stop and assess your relationship with your learners. After all, as predicted this year, continuing education will play a critical role in the value your members seek from your association. So forget about the box …

Jump On the Amazon and Netflix Bandwagon


Like it or not, we’re living in a world in which huge companies like Amazon and Netflix are changing the way consumers shop. These big-name brands overwhelmingly demonstrate that they understand their customer on a much deeper level than ever before, and promise to make it as easy as possible for those customers to get …

How to Find the Best LMS for Your Association


Selecting the best LMS (learning management system) for your association or nonprofit can be a daunting task. The market is brimming with endless options, and the lightning speed at which technology is advancing has us all spinning.

If your association management system (AMS) as the heart of your association, you might say the LMS is …

When it Comes to Member Engagement: Go Personal or Go Home


As technology continues to advance, and your members become more and more tech savvy, the need to evolve and adjust to the changing association landscape has never been more obvious. Your members aren’t just expecting your association to be a means through which they can network with peers or travel to conferences to complete their …

Credentialing is King: Make All Your Members Feel Like Royalty


There are countless trends swirling around the association market these days. However, only one specific membership perk scored in the top four reasons members join an association – across all four generations surveyed in our recent Member Engagement Study. That’s right – we’re talking about credentialing, and as evident by the survey, credentialing is king these …

The Savvy Association’s Guide to LMS Shopping and Success


Selecting a learning management system (LMS) for your organization is no easy feat. The market is brimming with endless options, and the lightning speed at which technology is advancing can have us fit to be tied.

Combine that with the significant impact a purchase like this has on a business, and it becomes crystal clear why …

Just-In-Time for Back to School


Feel that autumn air creeping in? Before you know it, the leaves will begin falling, the hot summer sun will be gone, and school bells will be ringing across the country. Yep, it’s that time of year – when the kiddos get back on the big yellow bus and parents (secretly) leap for joy as …

Going for the Gold: Online Learning Programs that Win


Let’s be honest. Creating and maintaining noteworthy online learning programs is challenging. Many associations struggle with finding the right balance between live webinars and on-demand learning, while others struggle with launching any type of e-learning in the first place.

In a time when we’re all watching the most elite and talented athletes in the world fight …