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Creating Personas to Better Understand Your Members


I graduated from college with a degree in English and a minor in German Film.

Writing was something I wanted to do from the time I was small; and like the millions of students graduating from college this spring, I harbored grand visions of sitting behind a computer and writing what would become the Great American …

What is This Thing We Call “Internet of Things?”


In the spirit of full disclosure, I spend a lot of time on the internet.

I read a lot of technology blogs and marketing blogs, and consider myself pretty savvy about (or at least aware of) the latest trends.  Even so, it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around the IoT acronym and …

(Almost) Everything You Want to Know About PCI Compliance, But Are Afraid to Ask


Most of us have heard of PCI, but do we really know what it is? And, do we really understand the consequences of not being compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was created to help organizations (pretty much all nonprofits and associations) that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through enhanced security measures.

Interestingly, …

Are You Positioned to Win In the Mobile Payments Game?


In late 2010, while working for one of the world’s largest retailers, I found myself sitting in our office building’s grand ballroom (really, an oversized conference room) among a group of executives from the nation’s top cellular service companies. Mobile was growing faster than anyone anticipated, they said. We needed to be prepared to support …

How to Assess Programs: Lessons from ASAE Great Ideas


Measure twice, cut once.

This old adage – first mentioned to me in the context of a high school shop class – immediately came to mind as I sat in the “Keep, Toss, Grow: Curate Your Organization’s Products and Services” workshop at last month’s ASAE Great Ideas Conference.

Evaluation is a fact of life for nonprofits and …

Integrate Strong Member Experience Awareness Into Your Daily Operations


The number of associations reporting year-over-year growth in membership is down 6 percent, according to Marketing General . The biggest challenges won’t come as a surprise, with more than one-third reporting difficulty in communicating value, and another 20 percent citing insufficient staff.

Meanwhile, retention rates have also stalled. Sixty-eight percent of associations report retention stayed the …

Your Donors Will Be Thankful for Meaningful Thank Yous!


It’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally, giving thanks is top-of-mind for everyone. And, that made me think, even though our nonprofit customers say thanks to their donors all year ‘round, now is a good time to really assess thank you messaging and make sure it’s on point.

A few starter questions to consider:

Are your thank you letters/emails …

Six Tweaks to Boost EOY Fundraising Revenue


In the “EOY Made Epic” webinar I recently co-presented with friend, fellow Austinite, and fundraising consultant extraordinaire, Rachel Muir, we covered six adjustments every fundraiser can make to his or her end-of-year fundraising campaign that will help boost revenue. Check out the slide:

For details on each one, watch the recording of “EOY Made Epic.” For …

Make it Easy for Website Visitors to Find What They Need


It happens to the best of us.

The other day, while preparing for a meeting, I logged onto the organization’s  website. My goal was simple: look at its membership information to see what kind of packages it was currently offering.

Five minutes later? I still hadn’t found what I was looking for, so I kept going. It …

Big Data: It’s Kind of a Big Deal


Almost every conversation I’ve had recently with peers, industry experts, and clients comes around to the idea of big data; specifically, what it is and how to collect it.

Some are asking, “Is big data more trouble than it’s worth?” Absolutely not. Consultants with McKinsey & Company suggest big data can unlock significant value by:

Creating transparency
Segmenting …