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ASAE Special Report: Grow Your Membership While Raising Dues


Leading up to 2012, the International Coach Federation (ICF) found itself in the enviable position of having 17,000 members. Growth was strong, but starting to put a strain on the organization. And, the federation was looking towards global expansion and supporting the inevitable complexities that international membership can bring to daily operations.

In her ASAE Annual Meeting …

ASAE Special Report: Don’t Let Your Research Stagnate


We at Abila are big believers in the power of data. It can help organizations make informed decision, highlight untapped opportunities, and stop problems before they start. Many of the associations we serve value data too, not only as part of their commitment to reviewing and improving their own operations, but also as a unique …

ASAE Special Report: Strengthen Your Association Using Data as an Asset


I love data.

That’s not a secret in my neck of the woods, as I’m the product marketing person who forever has her nose buried in an industry report, fielded research, or pivot table, trying to ferret out any valuable tidbit of information.

So you’ll imagine my delight upon hearing about Strengthen Your Association Using Data as …

Hit the Bullseye Using Member Segmentation


Last week I hosted a webinar to discuss Abila’s recently released Member Engagement Study, in which we surveyed both association professionals and members. I was encouraged to see a lot of terrific questions from the audience, but noticed this one, in particular, in the chat window:

“I want to send targeted communications. How do I segment …

Are Members Saying “I Do” to Your Offerings?


It’s June and judging by my Facebook page that means lots of weddings and even more engagements. Everywhere I turn there are people pledging their love, taking vows, and making lifelong promises to one another.

And, this level of commitment isn’t just the domain of romantics. More and more associations are taking a long hard look …

Creating Personas to Better Understand Your Members


I graduated from college with a degree in English and a minor in German Film.

Writing was something I wanted to do from the time I was small; and like the millions of students graduating from college this spring, I harbored grand visions of sitting behind a computer and writing what would become the Great American …

What is This Thing We Call “Internet of Things?”


In the spirit of full disclosure, I spend a lot of time on the internet.

I read a lot of technology blogs and marketing blogs, and consider myself pretty savvy about (or at least aware of) the latest trends.  Even so, it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around the IoT acronym and …

(Almost) Everything You Want to Know About PCI Compliance, But Are Afraid to Ask


Most of us have heard of PCI, but do we really know what it is? And, do we really understand the consequences of not being compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was created to help organizations (pretty much all nonprofits and associations) that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through enhanced security measures.

Interestingly, …