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Before You Draw Conclusions, First, Draw!


Of all the sessions I attended at SXSW Interactive Festival this year, there was no other session that made me feel quite like the one presented by Von Glitschka, “Drawing Conclusions: Why Designers Should Draw.” Experiencing feelings of guilt and shrinking in my chair are good descriptors. I’m a software Designer, you see. Von made …

Innovation And The Social Balance Sheet


Innovation can mean many things to many people. Innovation and accounting are usually not words that go well together. Innovative accounting usually = new ways to justify questionable practices. Enron had a very innovative accounting department. When applying innovation to accounting, we shouldn’t be focused on creating new recipes with which to cook the books. Instead, …

Enhance Your Social Media Strategy With Vine


The other day as I was preparing my blog post, Video Visuals for Nonprofits, I came across this great article about the Vine app on the Sikich blog.  I had intended to include information about this 6 second video phenomenon in my post, but since Tea Kurpalo, Sikich blogger and marketing extraordinaire, already explained it so well …

4 Innovation Lessons You Can Learn From Panera


I have had my eye on the Panera Cares café concept since its inception three years ago.  Would it be more than a cause marketing initiative or CSR campaign? Would it positively impact the communities it serves?  Would it be successful?  After hearing founder Ron Schaich’s present “Innovating Philanthropy: Panera’s Social Experiment”, I think the …

Video Visuals For Your Nonprofit- Part 2


It’s no secret that we have evolved into a highly visual society.  Long gone are the days of sitting around the radio to hear the latest installment of your favorite tale.  As technology grows and evolves, so does the way we receive information. It is crucial to understand how your nonprofit can leverage visual technology …

Nonprofits Should Optimize Their Websites For Many Devices


Not all internet-enabled devices are created equally, especially with regard to how content is viewed on each tool. For instance, we all know that the way websites appear on desktop computers is vastly different than how they look if we’re browsing on our smartphones.

As such, many industry insiders are calling on nonprofit organizations to optimize …

Does Your Nonprofit Website Need Help?


Join us for our webinar, 13 Things Your Nonprofit Website Needs in 2013. We will share the 13 things you must do (or stop doing) in 2013 to grow your online presence and effectively engage, inspire, motivate and mobilize your web audience. Takeaways:

Learn how to evaluate your current website and identify areas for improvement
Learn best …

Version 2013 Of Sage Grant Management Is Here


I’m pleased to announce that Version 2013 of Sage Grant Management is available.  Version 2013 contains a great deal of improved functionality and additional enhancements designed by users and industry experts. Our goals with these improvements are to allow your team to work together, make sure you have visibility into the grant process, and to …

Sustainability In A World of Change


I was talking with a coworker about this month’s blog topic which is “Sustainability”. There is a lot to say on the topic, but as I got to thinking about it I realized perhaps we really need to think about what sustainability is.

By the Book – relating to, or being a method of harvesting or …

Quick And Painless Visuals For Your Nonprofit- Part 1


“Visual Storytelling” seems to be the new buzzword floating around nonprofit blogs and conferences around the globe. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are a fantastic way to share your organization’s story, and it has become clear that pictures and videos generate the most traffic.  Sharing visuals on social media communicates your mission …