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Sage Nonprofit Is Now Abila


You have probably heard by now, but just in case you haven’t, Sage Nonprofit Solutions is now Abila!  Back in March, we shared with you the news that we were acquired by private equity firm Accel-KKR from Sage Group PLC.

Over the past few months we have been working out the details of the transition from Sage …

Show me the Money: The Statement of Financial Position


Financial Statement Series

The statement of financial position required for nonprofits by FASB Statement 117 is similar to the balance sheet which we discussed in a previous article in this series. The statement of financial position addresses the restriction in net assets that the balance sheet does not. The balance equation is still the same:

Assets=Liabilities + …

5 Ways to Get a Life Doing Data Entry


Let’s face it, mass data entry, especially the same recurring entry month after month, is about as enthralling as those high school science films like “Your Friend Zinc Oxide”. Oh sure there are some people out there that can put on their headphones, get their Shaka-Kan tunes going, turn off their higher brain functions and …

Show me the Money: Understanding the Balance Sheet


Financial Statement Series

Throughout this series, we’ve established that FASB Statement 117 sets the minimum reporting standards for nonprofit organizations. The balance sheet is not part of those requirements, but is still a useful statement. The nonprofit version is the statement of financial position which is a balance sheet with net assets reported by restriction. We …

7 Lessons Learned From Working In Retail


I applied for the position on a whim. A few years ago, I was between jobs while purchasing a bridal gift at a home goods store. Holiday season was approaching, so I applied for temporary work. Surprisingly, I learned some key lessons during my short tenure there which relate to many business arenas, including the …

Fundraising For Fireworks


When many Americans think about the Fourth of July, we tend to envision hot dogs, beaches, sparklers and fireworks. Even though many communities have banned citizens from setting off their own light displays, numerous local governments sponsor their own fireworks show.

However, in some regions, this might not be possible without sizable donations due to the …

Show me the Money: Understanding the Statement of Revenue and Expenses


A Financial Statement Series

Although FASB Statement 117 requires a non-profit organization to produce a Statement of Activities, Revenue and Expense statement still serve a purpose. These two are similar and in the next article, we will look at the specifics for the Statement of Activities. Both statements depict how the organization derives revenue and how …

Show me the Money: An Overview of Financial Statements for Fund Accounting


A Financial Statements Series
Accounting systems capture accounting transactions. Financial statements are constructed from these transactions and depict the economic activity and financial position of the organization. Knowing how to read financial statements may help you determine the health of a non-profit. Is it well-funded? Is it properly managed? How is the organization spending its resources? …

Why Is Social Important?


We recently held a conference for our business partners, and as the social media specialist I, of course, was asking everyone for their twitter handle so we could connect online.  I was surprised to find that only about a third of them had a handle (separate from the company handle) and even fewer were actually …

Before You Draw Conclusions, First, Draw!


Of all the sessions I attended at SXSW Interactive Festival this year, there was no other session that made me feel quite like the one presented by Von Glitschka, “Drawing Conclusions: Why Designers Should Draw.” Experiencing feelings of guilt and shrinking in my chair are good descriptors. I’m a software Designer, you see. Von made …