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Five Steps to Building a Value Proposition


There was a lot to love about the recent Abila User and Developer Conference (AUDC) in Nashville, Tennessee: sharing what’s new in our business, celebrating our customers’ successes, discovering Goo Goo Clusters (yummy Nashville candy). But my favorite part was getting the chance to interact with our customers.

Sure, it sounds clichéd. “I like talking to …

Members and Learning: What Do They Want When it Comes to Continuing Education and Professional Development?


Education is the cornerstone of success in today’s competitive job market, as jobseekers work hard to differentiate themselves from their competition. But what is it association members really want when it comes to continuing education and professional development? And where are they turning to get that education? Are there different needs and ambitions across different …

Drive Engagement Among Small, but Mighty, Generation X


My name is Amanda and I’m a member of Generation X.

We’re the Regan-era latchkey kids who turned into flannel-clad slackers. We came of age in an analog world, then had to scramble to catch up at the dawn of the Digital Age. We started our careers at a time when pensions were disappearing, jobs were …

Take a Bite out of 2017: 3 Lessons Learned From Girl Scout Cookie Time


True confession: I recently had a Diet Coke and a box of Caramel deLite®/Samoa® Girl Scout Cookies for lunch. Okay, maybe more than once.

This year, some of the more than 1.9 million young women who are members of the Girl Scouts will come together to sell a projected 175 million boxes of delicious treats to …

How Technology Can Help Improve Efficiency and Make our Work Life Easier


I remember back when I was in high school, I had a TRS-80 Color Computer, a rudimentary word processing program, and a slow-as-molasses dot matrix printer that I used to produce all of my school reports. (I know. I’m dating myself.) But, at the time, it felt like I had the most advanced computer system …

How the Membership of Things Will Gain Traction


The Membership of Things is rooted in the Internet of Things. Simply put, it’s the concept of connecting essentially any device with an on-and-off switch to the internet and/or to each other. This includes everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, and almost anything else you can think of. And this collective …

Better Association Management: APIs


In plain English, application program interfaces (APIs) are the technology that let one application integrate with another. A complex phrase for something that, when in use, should actually feel really simple.

In our 2017 Association Predictions, we predict the free flow of data between software solutions will continue to gain importance across associations of all sizes. …

2017 Presents Opportunity for Advocacy Initiatives


Earlier today I found myself wandering around the internet when I stumbled upon a blog post from Abila Product Partner, CQ Roll Call, summarizing the results from its 2015 special report, Increasing Engagement: How to Keep Members Active When Your Issues Aren’t Hot. According to the report, two out of three respondents say it’s somewhat …

New Year, New You: 3 Resolutions to Help Association Leaders Dream Big in 2017


Today I find myself working from a hotel room in advance of tomorrow’s start of the New England Society of Association Executive Annual Management Conference. In addition to polishing my presentation, it’s also meant some quality time with television and the seemingly endless parade of commercials hoping to capitalize on the New Year. Get fit! …

What Trends Will Have the Biggest Impact on Associations in 2017?


We dusted off the old crystal ball and peered deeply into its depths to see what 2017 holds in store for associations. Education, technology, and advocacy take center stage.

To help demystify these trends and more, our Abila association experts have compiled our 2017 Association Predictions. Below is a sneak peek:

For a deeper look, download our 2017 Association …