Each week, I go scour the Internet looking for intriguing stories, and usually I try to pick articles that fit into an overarching theme. This week, however, I found myself drawn to a myriad of different commentaries, so enjoy the sheer random-ocity of today’s post!

In this fast-changing technological environment we’ve seen a tremendous boost in the pace of the professional world. We live in a much faster paced world than even just five years ago. Along with a change in pace has come the need for effective multi-tasking. New and upcoming generations of working professionals are expected to churn product while simultaneously accomplishing many other duties. In this article on Association News, author Jeff Davidson admonishes the use of multi-tasking in content and product quality. He claims that, while more work is seemingly being done, less is truly being accomplished. While the need for expediency and responsiveness is paramount in today’s society, it is important to ensure that the quality of the work isn’t sacrificed for purely speed of turnaround.

This article is a bit longer than most, but I encourage you to read it in its entirety. Titled “Overcoming the Crisis in Volunteerism,” it discusses an overwhelming lack in what I will call the “volunteer spirit.” Volunteering, while it not the central goal of any association, is an integral part in both productivity and member engagement. Members often cherish opportunities to take an active role in shaping the organization, but it is up to the organization to develop a model that will make those opportunities both beneficial and engaging. This article cites a volunteer-engagement example that has seen tremendous success and offers suggestions for organizations looking to take a similar approach.

So often we get wrapped up in digital content that we fail to ask the right questions when honing in on our digital presence. David Edelman discusses those questions and reminds us that we need to be proactive in our evaluation of digital services. A constantly changing technological environment demands attentiveness.

Check this one out! This article offers some interesting and positive statistics that should have you patting yourself on the back. 40 Percent of associations are experiencing growth with another 40 percent remaining steady over the past three years. It’s easy to think that the popularity of associations is on the decline, but reports like this remind us that people are still interested and engaged – keep up the good work!

Thinking about hiring an independent consultant? Have you done it before and left the relationship unsatisfied with the result? This article discusses the life-cycle of consultant partnerships, starting with the fundamental question – do you need one or can you manage with volunteers or staff members? It can be so easy to immediately take the consultant route without considering other options, so make sure you take the time to think through it thoroughly and make the appropriate decisions. This article is almost a step-by-step guide of appropriate questions to consider.

Thanks for bearing with me for yet another week. As always, feel free to leave me a comment if you have any suggestions or would like me to change the focus of my articles – I’m here for you!