Every now and then a work project comes along that’s not only hugely insightful, but actually really fun. Abila’s Fundraising Advisor tool is that project for me right now.

At first, we simply set out to give fundraisers an opportunity to receive personalized fundraising recommendations for their organizations based on their answers to a quick, six-question Fundraising Advisor quiz. There’s so much generic, (theoretically) one-size-fits-all advice out there, we thought making recommendations based on what fundraisers are actually doing would be pretty powerful stuff. We were super excited to have about 270 respondents quickly take advantage of the offer.

Then, we realized we had all this cool, insightful data from the combined answers these nonprofit professionals provided. So, we kicked it up a notch and developed a synoptic report based on the aggregate data (fear not: no individual data will ever be published) from our Fundraising Advisor tool.

One of the report’s elements is a composite look at today’s nonprofit …

  • We know a fair amount about our donors (vitals, plus some family or professional information).
  • We tend to use four or more channels to communicate with our donors, but we only communicate occasionally.
  • The primary channels we use to interact with our donors are email, our website, in-person events, or direct mail.
  • When we raise money online, we typically do it through a single fundraising page on our website; we hold multiple fundraising events, as well.
  • When we receive a donation, we typically send a “thank you” within a week.

For the full findings – including, depth of donor data, event and online fundraising strategies, communication channel and frequency, and thank you note turnaround time – plus five insights to help improve your results, download the Fundraising Advisor 2015 Benchmark Report. And, see how you stack up to your peers, and receive your own personalized recommendations by taking the Fundraising Advisor quiz.