If you left Baltimore last month with any key takeaways from AFPFC, I hope they were to take action and try something new. In the powerful words of Whoopi Goldberg, “You gotta change things up! Serve some Chinese food!”

This is one of my favorite conferences to attend each year. We get to learn from the latest research, best practices, and case studies.

I overheard a few folks and spoke with a few others who said, “I’ve heard much of this before.” However, once I started asking follow-up questions to see what they were DOING with the information it turned out most where not taking action on the knowledge. They are “learning” it, but NOT “doing” anything with it.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed, maybe the tools are too difficult to learn/use, but I recommend you think of the conference as a buffet; take one or two things back to try and then go back for more! This year we really want to help with that AFPFC follow through.

Starting tomorrow, I will be hosting three webinars over lunch on three big themes we saw this year at AFPFC. This is our chance to share top fundraising trends from the conference and then open it up to an interactive Q&A session, so we can all go back and take action.

Three Big Themes to Take Action on This Year

  • Donor-centered fundraising
  • Board fundraising
  • Online fundraising

Registration is still open and available exclusively to AFP conference attendees and registrants: www.abila.com/afp. I hope you join me this week!

I also wanted to give a big thanks to all those who stopped by the Abila booth, sat in on our sessions, and joined us at the New Heights Happy Hour! You truly made this year’s AFPFC such a fun and rewarding experience. Counting down the days till Boston!

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