The Abila team is headed to ACLEA’s 53rd Annual Meeting this weekend, and we can’t wait to say bonjour to all the continuing legal education (CLE) professionals traveling to Montreal. The theme of this meeting is “Vive la CLE!” And, by the looks of the schedule, it’s sure to be a celebration of learning. Here are some sessions that caught our attention.

Session: Maximize Your Data Strategy: How to Discover Super Members in Your Database

These days, members expect a high level of personalization when it comes to their interactions with your organization. With all the user data at your fingertips, you have the power to give them the customized experience they’re after, but oftentimes it’s hard to know where to start. Join me for this session where we’ll discuss how to better understand and leverage your data to create more meaningful relationships with your members. We will dive into strategies around assembling and analyzing your data, as well as uncovering your Super Members and putting them to work for your organization.

Session: Repurpose Your Content

Through our research, we’ve learned members still use a variety of learning formats for their education. A member’s preference for how he or she like to consume content can change throughout one’s career lifecycle. To cater to all these different needs, it’s important to serve up a variety of program offerings. Leveraging the content you have and repurposing it into different mediums and segments can make this a simple task. The panel in this session will give you tips for making the most of the programs you already have in your learning library.

Session: Solving the Subscription Conundrum

In our Member Professional Development Study, we discovered nearly half of all members surveyed prefer an all-inclusive fee for their continuing education. However, there’s a definite disconnect when it comes to how associations are pricing their programs, as only one-third offer an all-in-one option. The time is now to analyze your pricing models and consider a subscription structure that may be more appealing to your members. This concept can be a bit scary for associations, so attend this session to learn the best practices around developing subscription products.

Session: Team Millennial – A New Legal Services Paradigm

One of the top challenges organizations face when it comes to education is attracting younger members to their programming. With Millennials now representing the largest segment in the workforce, you are way behind the eight ball if you haven’t developed a strategy for how to better engage these members. Learning more about the way they think is a good first step. This session will shed light on what Millennials want in their law firm career.

Session: The Case for Competence-Based CLE

When it comes to what type of content members prefer, practicality rules. Members are looking for skills and information they can use immediately and that will help them advance in their careers. When teaching these practical skills, the lecture format may not be the best way to go. This session will provide you with ideas for competence-based learning that can be a better fit for this type of education.

Make sure to come by the Abila booth and say bonjour to the team. We look forward to seeing you in Montreal!