It’s a little bit funny when a technology company like Avectra, with such a rich history of bringing the latest in innovative fundraising solutions to nonprofit organizations takes a nostalgic glance back in time. But that’s exactly what we did when we took a walk down memory lane way back to the origins of fundraising. And yes, we couldn’t resist including some of the technological advances that have made the art and science of fundraising what it is today.

We hope you enjoy this infographic and that it gets you thinking about the history of your profession. Then let your mind leap forward and think about what’s yet to come. What will be the next big thing? Will people always be willing to give? How and where will they give? How will fundraisers respond to generational and societal changes taking place? And will we finally get flying cars? Sorry, that last one was my secret vision for the future.

I’d love to get your thoughts on what the future holds for fundraising – just post a comment and we’ll get a dialogue started.

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