As of yesterday’s Part I blog, the secret’s out: People are talking about you. Are you listening? Are you responding? Why not join the conversation; extend the dialogue, and hence your brand?

Fission Strategy and explore social listening in a new guide, “Your People Are Talking. Are You Listening?,” which shows nonprofits how to use a powerful tactic to dramatically increase engagement. In Part II of this two-part series, we share the remaining three strategies to make the most of social listening.

  1. Engage The Talkers

Timing is everything with social media. You don’t have long to respond before people shift gears, so it’s key to respond while the issue is hot. If conversations about your work start to trend, seize the moment by showing social love and respond with an automated email, direct message (DM), or Twitter reply. This type of response could be an invitation to join a Google Hangout, event, Twitter storm, or a good old-fashioned CTA to sign a petition.

If your talkers have already taken action, a great next step is to ask them to share the action with their social networks. This is an especially effective ask to your social media influencers who have Klout scores over 40 (since they’re already active on social and support your group).

  1. Mobilize Your Influencers

Social media influencers are those who are active on one or more social network, with a modest to large following, who can drive awareness and action around your campaign.

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes with one thing in common – they drive action. The key is to know who your influencers are in your CRM and if they are a VIP, Professional, or Everyday influencer. Knowing the type of influencer informs how to approach these messengers with your ask to share content.

While VIPs can bring a ton of attention to your campaign, there won’t be as many hiding out in your CRM. The majority of your influencers will have modest reach and Klout score, but as a whole, have substantial network reach. In addition, these “average” or “everyday” supporters welcome opportunities to share your message. The key is to find them and ask them – and, don’t forget to also show your appreciation.

  1. Listen for Rapid Response Moments

Colin Delany of Epolitics said it best in our webinar about social listening, “It is a lot easier to throw fuel on a fire that is already burning than try to start one from scratch.” Social listening is the opportunity for real-time engagement when your issues are top of mind.

The key with rapid response engagement is preparation and trust. Have your messages, stories, and language ready, so when something happens, you’re ready. While you’ll want to create content as the moment unfolds, aim to have at least half of your posts pre-approved and scheduled before the event, leaving time to share creative posts and engage with others during the moment. This prepared content can also help senior staff trust the field communicators to make the right decisions in the moment. After all, if you jump on a trend a month after it peaks, you’ve missed the opportunity.

You’ll also want to line up your influencers before the moment and ask them to spread the word a few days before the event. We suggest both emailing and DMing your influencers with a short message containing the ask and sample tweets/posts.

Before the event, pave the way for your top influencers to share your content by following them, liking their posts, and ideally retweeting their content. Another approach is to simply ask your most active members to help spread the word on social, regardless of their influence.

During the moment, engage directly in the conversation, especially on Twitter, by responding to, liking, and sharing the best posts. Keep your eye out for VIP influencers who are engaged in the conversation with the goal of enticing them to retweet your posts.

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About the Author

Jeanette is Marketing Director at, a social listening and influencer engagement platform for nonprofits, and Abila Product Partner. shows organizations what people in their CRM are saying on social media, and who is influential, so they can better target via email and social media to radically increase engagement and reach of their campaigns.