When tackling your email marketing strategy, you’re likely identifying your target audience, carefully crafting segments, and personalizing content to make sure it resonates with your members, based on their demographics. You’ve followed industry best practices and spent countless hours doing the back-end leg work to make sure your campaign is a huge success. But, as we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives, even the best laid plans don’t play out the way we expected.

If you’ve found yourself with lower responses to your marketing efforts than anticipated, don’t worry!  You’re not alone. The good news lies in the old adage, “Where one road ends, another begins.” There are opportunities to help you better understand exactly what your members want and need. And analyzing what didn’t work (or almost worked) can work wonders for your organization’s marketing strategy.

We enlisted the help of the marketing automation professionals at our Product Partner Informz to help. Vivian Swertinski, Strategic Services Manager at Informz, suggests looking at the following five groups, and correlating metrics to identify opportunities to better engage with members:

  1. Non-openers: If they didn’t open your email at all, give them a second chance to engage by re-sending your message. Your members are busy. Don’t count them out after a single case of nonresponsive.
  2. Opened but didn’t click: The member showed interest! You hooked her with your subject line. Congratulations! You know she cares about what your organization has to say, but maybe this particular content wasn’t exactly what she was looking for. Keep marketing to her and give her another opportunity to actively engage.
  3. Clicked but didn’t convert: When a member takes time to open your email, click a link, and visit your website, there’s no denying he’s interested. If he didn’t take any action once there, he might just need a little extra push. Don’t forget to consider the experience you’re presenting on your website, make sure the calls to action are clear, and the page is easy to navigate.
  4. Browsing behavior: Take advantage of the technology available to you, often for free, to see where members are going on your website. Analyzing browsing behavior can give you valuable insight into what matters to a specific member. When you measure all your browsing behavior in aggregate, you’ll have a better understanding of your membership as a whole.
  5. Abandoned transaction: Distractions. They’re coming at us all day, every day. Follow up with members who were so close to signing on the dotted line, but for some reason, didn’t.

Download the whitepaper, “5 Action-Based Targeting Tips for Driving Engagement,” to get the full scoop! Check out the on-demand webinar co-hosted by Informz, “Bullseye! Audience Targeting and Segmentation Best Practices,” for a deep dive into the art of marketing automation.