What do the NBA Finals have to do with online learning? As it turns out, a lot! When it comes to choosing a learning management system (LMS) that offers your members a first-rate learning experience, the lessons you need to know come straight from the court.

Lesson #1 – Steph Curry’s Shoes

When Steph Curry released his new sneaker last week, the Curry 2 Low “Chef,” they were universally panned. Why? Because they skewed old. How old? Well, as one Twitter user put it, “The Under Armour Steph Curry shoe is the choice of all four Golden Girls.”

Those shoes should be so lucky. The point is, while the sneakers are no doubt functional, consumers were left less than impressed with the overall value in wearing the same shoes as their fathers did, circa 1992.

When it comes to choosing an LMS, features and functionality matter, but the real importance is in the value the LMS brings to your organization. Does it increase overall convenience and reinforce your branding? Does it offer the flexibility of a robust integration with your association management system (AMS)? When it comes to an LMS, think bigger than the Curry 2 Lows of online learning. Give your members the experience they deserve.

Lesson #2 – Draymond Green’s “Persistence”

At a cursory glance, it may not seem like the Warriors’ Draymond Green has much to teach us about the online learning industry, but he does, and it’s about dedication. It took him not one, not two, but three kicks to an opponent’s groin (in the playoffs alone) to get suspended. That, my friends, is some serious devotion, not to mention his redemptive return in Game 7.

You want that same type of devotion from your LMS. This can include implementation project management services, integration support, content management, event preparation and technical support, among other benefits like comprehensive end-user support.

Lesson #3 – Teamwork

Think about LeBron’s key block on Andre Igoudala in the closing minutes of last night’s game. He wouldn’t have been able to catch him had J.R. Smith not slowed the Golden State fast break. Golden State didn’t score for the last 4:39 of the game, and that block on the break was a major reason why. It’s all about teamwork.

Consider choosing your LMS like you would your ultimate dream team. A strong team requires real cohesiveness, support, trust, and, quite obviously, talent. A look at your roster may reveal a more streamlined approach to webinars, easy to understand reports, a way to host a variety of online courses, and robust integrations with multiple solutions. In short, choose an LMS with the end game in mind.