Since 2009, there have been more devices connected to the internet than there are people on earth. Here we are, eight years later, and these connected devices are creating a monumental torrent of data. We’re talking an expected 501.5 zettabytes of data in the next two years. One zettabyte is equivalent to 8 million years of UHD 8K video.

The real IoT (Internet of Things) value for associations is tapping into these new kinds of data and prioritizing what is relevant and actionable to provide a more satisfying, connected experience for your members.

IoT is changing the way we live our lives. An average household in the U.S. has 8.5 internet connected devices, and this is projected to reach 50 by 2022. We recently went through this exercise at the VanDamme house to see how many connected devices we had in our home. In my five-person household, we currently have 25 connected devices.

IoT is prevalent now and growing rapidly. What does that mean for associations, and what should they do about it?

Glad you asked! I’ll be presenting on just that topic, alongside Trevor Mitchell, from American MENSA, next Tuesday, December 12 at the ASAE Technology Conference. Our presentation is jam-packed with examples of how organizations are leveraging IoT technology in creative and impactful ways. We’d love for you to join us for a lively discussion highlighting the real value of IoT for associations, and what your organization should be doing now.

Hope to see you next week in D.C.!