Each year, I look forward to hundreds of journalists’ predictions for the upcoming year’s hottest technology trends. Though they always sound promising, it’s important to keep a pulse on how they’re faring as the year progresses – especially in relation to your nonprofit or association.

Here are some 2017 tech predictions from Forbes, and how some in your sector are taking advantage of the trends:

1. Machine Learning: Today, more than ever, associations and nonprofits alike are leveraging machine learning to increase efficiencies and decrease human error. There are many different ways this technology is being implemented, but the most recent is with job searches and Apple’s photo analysis.

2. Virtual Reality: We’ve always said content is king, but for many organizations, the ability to bring awareness and increase empathy for their cause and mission is incomparable. Providing people with a virtual experience of how their contributions impact a mission or association is a unique asset that sets organizations a part. This technology is just touching the surface of its capabilities. One of my favorite examples of this technology is from nonprofit organization, Amnesty International.

3. Automation: Forty-five percent of nonprofits surveyed in our Nonprofit Finance Study claimed growth is “extremely important” for their organization. As nonprofits grow, emphasis is placed on ensuring technology can keep up with the growth. Luckily, many journalists were spot-on with the impact of automation. Tons of organizations have switched to automated technologies to give their staff members more time back, allowing them to focus on what they do best – achieving the mission.

4. Big Data: Big data is one of the biggest assets you can leverage when developing content or building a campaign. Though it’s a huge priority, we aren’t seeing this technology take off as quickly as one would hope. The key in big data is strategizing and getting other stakeholders to see the value in it, as well.

Abila got in on the predictions fun, as well. See how we’re faring!