Need a buoy to survive the fiscal year-end riptide?

When most professionals are enjoying the workplace calm during the holidays, nonprofit finance and accounting professionals are prepping for the tsunami of closing the books and planning for next year – not to mention reviewing budgets, preparing for an audit, pulling together the annual report, and that’s just getting started! On top of it all, the holidays mean you have to balance team members’ vacations and schedules, as well as manage IRS filing deadlines looming on the horizon. How can you keep afloat? Don’t despair!

We just published our fourth annual Year-End Survival Guide for the Nonprofit Accountant. In it, you’ll find how-tos, helpful tips on topics like FASB and filing your Form 990, best practices to keep your head above water during year-end, and how to move confidently into 2019. Also, included:

  • Your Budget: Review, Build Revise, Repeat
  • Closing the Books on 2018
  • Preparing Your Annual Report
  • Compliance Awareness
  • Pre-Audit Preparation
  • Strategic Planning for 2019
  • Human Capital Planning

Don’t get caught in the year-end riptide! Download the Year-End Survival Guide to make sure you close out 2018 properly, and effectively prepare for 2019.