The Community Brands team is gearing up for our trip to ACLEA’s 54th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. The theme for this year’s Association for Continuing Legal Education’s conference is, “Blaze the CLE Trail,” and with the informative slate of sessions on the schedule, the CLE professionals in attendance are sure to leave with inspiring ideas to put into practice back home. Here are some sessions that caught my eye.

Session: Subscription and Bundling Strategy 101: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In our Member Professional Development Study we discovered nearly half of all members surveyed prefer an all-inclusive fee for their continuing education. However, there’s a definite disconnect when it comes to how associations are pricing their programs, as only one-third offer an all-in-one option. The time is now to analyze your pricing models and consider a subscription structure that may be more appealing to your members. In this session you’ll hear about two CLE shop’s success stories with implementing a bundling strategy.

Session: Inquiring Minds Want to Know: What Motivates a Lawyer to Attend Your CLE Event?

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times … getting to know your members is crucial to creating a meaningful connection and keeping them coming back to your education offerings. In our Member Loyalty Study we learned that while 84 percent of members feel satisfied with their membership, only 55 percent feel connected to their organization. Digging deep into your members’ learning preferences and using that information effectively to target communication and personalize content will keep your members engaged. Stop by this session to hear from a panel of lawyers on what really motivates them to attend a CLE and then head back home with a plan to gather your members’ feedback.

Session: How Binge Watching Affects CLE and Learning

How members interact with outside technology greatly impacts their expectations for how they interact with your learning offerings. In the era of Netflix, binge watching may be moving off the couch and into the office. Check out this session to hear about new research from the Wharton School of Business on the effects of heavy content consumption in the context of online learning. And, if you want to do some binge watching of your own, check out our recommendations for learning-focused session recordings.

Session: Does Social Media Really Work?

According to our Digital Member Study, members are interested in connecting with your organization through a variety of channels. While it is not one of the highest ranking interaction preferences, 31 percent of members do say they’re interested in engaging with your organization via social networking sites. So, what is the best way to engage your members with this communication method? Is there a difference in how particular professions use social media? In this session the panelists will discuss how you can measure whether your social media engagement tactics are actually working.

Make sure to come by the Community Brands booth and say hi to the team! We look forward to seeing you in Portland!