Pop-up tree stands are appearing along every highway, and the sounds of Christmas music pierce the air wherever you go. Even if have that one neighbor down the street who has yet to take down his Halloween decorations, it officially feels like the holiday season. And, that means the new year is right around the corner.

Our Community Brands teams have been feverishly recapping the year, compiling research, and uncovering our year-to-come member learning and engagement expectations. No doubt your organization is doing the same.

We’ve got you covered as YourMembership, a member of the Community Brands family – alongside Abila – has the health check assessment you need to determine how healthy your education program is today, and tips to consider as you plan your association’s educational strategy for the new year.

Here are just a few of the key common traits of successful learning programs to help you assess your association’s educational programs and offerings:

Are you selective in “stocking your shelves?”

Quality, timely content reinforces your association as a trusted advisor and first stop for members to gather the information, training, and education they need. Ensure the quality of your content reflects and extends your market knowledge and leadership to members and potential members.

Is content seamlessly integrated?

The technology platform driving your professional education programs should be seamlessly integrated into your key business systems. Avoid silos of information and empower information sharing and informative analytics to assess learning programs, content, and member engagement.

Does technology support your strategic plan?

If your learning management system isn’t checking off all the boxes and more, you might be hindered in providing your members with a flawless learning and certification experience. Go beyond traditional webinar tools and out-of-the-box solutions. Purpose-built learning technology is out there and currently being used by today’s most successful associations, large and small.

Do you release new content often? Do you reiterate offerings and programs to members?

Healthy learning programs are constantly being evaluated and surveyed for feedback to enhance educational offerings. Purposefully engage with your members during and after participation in learning programs to better understand their interests, reactions, and preferences to content delivery and formats. Incorporate strategic marketing and communication efforts to also reiterate popular offerings to members throughout the year to encourage consistent engagement in learning programs.

Do you know the needs of your audience and members?

Member expectations and preferences are constantly shifting and changing, especially given the likely generational diversity that exists within your member base. Your educational programs should consider and reflect the needs of your members, delivering the right “product mix” and offerings that keep them engaged and coming back. That product mix will be unique for each association, but consider how just-in-time catalogs, live events, and on-demand video chapters can better engage the needs of your members.

Get the full 10-point health check today, plus, five pitfalls to avoid as you strategize and venture into the new year. Download your free health check today!