Just-In-Time for Back to School


Feel that autumn air creeping in? Before you know it, the leaves will begin falling, the hot summer sun will be gone, and school bells …

ASAE Special Report: Strengthen Your Association Using Data as an Asset


I love data.

That’s not a secret in my neck of the woods, as I’m the product marketing person who forever has her nose buried in …

FASB Changes for Nonprofits Take Effect


The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has officially adopted changes to the reporting of financial information for nonprofit organizations.

The goal of the pronouncement and rules …

Shifts in Association Knowledge Management


In 2014, ASAE conducted a study in conjunction with the Institute for the Future that focused on changes in learning management in the association sector. …

How Technology Integrations Relate to What You Learned in Kindergarten


“Share everything.” It’s the first idiom in Robert Fulghum’s famous book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” (My personal fave is, …

If You Like BuzzFeed Quizzes, You’re Gonna LOVE This!


Last year the Abila fundraising team launched, in my very biased opinion, an incredible fundraising recommendations tool: the Fundraising Advisor. In short summary, it starts …